Does your office do same day extractions?

Otego Family Dental - Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Common Questions Corner

Does your office do same day extractions?

Let me ask you this: What if you wanted your finger removed (extracted) from your body?

How do you know that you need to have it extracted? Is it infected? Is it broken? If it can it be fixed, you do
not need to have it removed (extracted). You need your finger. I understand that it hurts you now and
you just want to get rid of it, but once I take it I can’t put it back.

Are you healthy enough for me to do the surgery? A dental extraction, is just that, surgery. A hospital will not do any surgery without doing pre-op. So why would you want your dentist to just pull your tooth (a body part) without checking first.

We need to take an x-ray of the tooth, why? I need to know if the tooth savable, infected, does it have
straight roots or curved roots, is it near a nerve that can be damaged during the extraction? We have to
know these things before proceeding. I wish I had x-ray vision.

We take our dental extractions seriously at Otego Family Dental. What to expect: we will review your
medical health and ask you many questions about your current and past health; check your meds; take
your blood pressure; pulse; and check your oxygen levels before administering local anesthetic.

Please be aware that local anesthesia is very safe for most people, but it is still a drug. If you have an infection, that infection
needs to be under control with antibiotics before your extraction.

Too many times I hear stories from my patients that they had a tooth removed elsewhere and it was very
painful. That’s because the tooth was infected and the anesthetic that was delivered was not effective.

Dr. Kathy T. Knox